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Dedupay is an integrated cloud-based Platform for all kind of educational institutions with modules like Admission Management, Student Management, Attendance Management, Exam Mark sheets and Results Management, Fees Management, Notification Management etc.

We provide three stages of Login facility, School Administrator Login, Faculty Login, & Parent Login. These logins can be accessed through our responsive admin panels in all kind of mobile devices. We provide complete integration with Bulk SMS & E-Mail, which enables the school administration and faculty to be in touch with parents constantly.

Dedupay provides user-friendly dashboards to all levels of logins. Dedupay has modules to manage Attendance, Grade books, Fee management, Online Fee payment and many more. The Fee module helps you to plan and assign different fee structures to students and student groups. Dedupay’s inbuilt messaging system allows you to send message to any users, individually or bulk posting.

Dedupay ensures that all data needs to be stored digitally and makes school management system a trouble-free process.


If you are seeking institution data management in low cost, then you’ve come to the right place. Dedupay makes the process significantly easy, saves time and cut down the administrative costs.


Dedupay can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. Dedupay’s cloud data storage helps administrators, faculties and parents to access data from wherever on any mobile device.


With end to end encryption, this application is designed to defeat any attempts at scrutiny or interfere, because no other entities can decode the data being conveyed or stored.


you won't need a skilled squad to supervise our application. Even if you are pinned anywhere our sturdy support structure will grasp you out of any complication.


Dedupay is a centralized browser and mobile app based solution which is compatible on any browser or mobile devices with least restriction of screen sizes.


Busy offices can generate a lot of paperwork which reduce efficiency and cost you money. Better save paper than planting trees. So you can save the universe.


Experience the best of what dedupay has to offer When you download our app to your phone or tablet.

Dedupay comes with well equipped and variety of features that make sure that its complete in every sense.

We continue to enhance our services to meet any support needs of our member institutions.


Our vibrant dashboard allows you to monitor daily, weekly and monthly statistics of student and staff information, fee and payment details in real time on a highly responsive window.

Admission Process

A productive feature of dedupay, which makes the admission process trouble free, quick and paperless by utilizing online admission form. And bulk Upload of student data class and section wise in a single click.

Student Management

The student information management module allows you to maintain documents of all precious information about every student in a well secured database. Get rapid access to student’s details with a facile search option.

Fee Management

Dedupay provides institutions with mighty features for student fee assigning, receiving payments online and manual, invoicing and financial record keeping. Automated fee demand with due dates and fee due details through SMS and Notification.

Smart Score Sheet

Progress management module make faculty more productive. It’s easier to prepare, manage and publish results and report card online. Parents will be updated instantly with SMS and notification.

Smart Attendance

Dedupay allows the faculty to record attendance on any smart device and a notification and SMS will be sent to the corresponding parent/guardian in case of absence. Real time update to parents mobile.

Effective Reports

Instantly access all student and institution data and generate fast, flexible and downloadable reports for Fee, Student details, transactions within couple of clicks. Generating financial report helps you to get the financial insights instantly.

SMS notification System

Dedupay comes with an in house messaging system, which you can use for communications with parents even if you don’t have an emailing service or messaging service. It records the details and helps to save time & travel.

  1. Contact dedupay team to enroll your institution.The team will assist you with documentation process.
  2. Dedupay will provide you the login credentials. Your staffs will be trained by our team.
  3. Upload the required data’s.
  4. And that's it!! Your institution can start using dedupay right away.
  1. Download & install dedupay app from Google Play / Apple app store.
  2. Login with your login credentials sent to your mobile number.
  3. Yes, now you can pay your fee online, view your kids Progress card and Attendance details.
  4. *You can ‘Recommend your Institution’ and we will approach your school to implement this service.

Experience the best of what dedupay has to offer When you download our app to your phone or tablet.

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